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Operation Baghdad Pups

November 11th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Helping Returning Military Personnel Reunite With Their Dogs and Cats

SPCA International has set up a program called Operation Baghdad Pups to help U.S. military personnel who have befriended stray animals in the war zones bring their best friends back home with them.

Operation Baghdad Pups Reunites Our Heros With Their Best Friends

Operation Baghdad Pups Reunites Our Heros With Their Best Friends

Their motto is “no buddy gets left behind.”  The program “provides veterinary care and coordinates complicated logistics and transportation requirements in order to reunite these beloved pets with their service men and women back in the U.S.”

Supporting this wonderful effort is a great way to say “THANK YOU” to our veterans on Veterans Day.  These people have risked their lives at war, we should all be grateful for our service personnel who do the jobs they are called upon to do on our behalf.

Please visit the website and read some of the stories of dogs and cats who have made life in the war zones more bearable for our fighting men and women, and how Operation Baghdad Pups can help bring more of them home to give comfort and support to our returning troops.

The website has information about how one can donate to these laudable efforts.  There is also information about how one can request assistance in bringing a dog or cat home from the war.

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  1. November 12th, 2009 at 01:01 | #1

    I don’t watch TV much but I happened to see that guy who befriended “Nubs” (they cut their ears down in Iraq for some stupid reason). or maybe i saw it on the Net/youtube. anyway, the guy got transfered like a long distance away and Nubs found him! he sent him to the US and became part of his family. yes, there are tons of animals that need rescue in the US, but i’m a firm believer, whereever you rescue, it doesn’t matter. you saved a life and gave a loving creature a loving home and peaceful life. end of story.
    .-= Wild Dingo´s last blog ..“Boring…” =-.

  2. Suzanne
    November 12th, 2009 at 08:34 | #2

    @Wild Dingo
    Nubs’ story is so wonderful, isn’t it? That’s how loyal our dogs are to us.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you about the need for people to rescue the many homeless and stray animals in the U.S. There is a crying need for adoptive families for the countless shelter animals here. And if I can convince even one person to choose adoption over purchasing a dog from a pet store (via a puppy mill), all my ranting, past, present and future, will not have been in vain.

    But I also believe that these military people who have forged bonds with stray animals in war zones deserve to be able to bring their pets home with them so they can continue to enjoy the comfort that such a loved animal can bring. It is good for the animal, and it is good for the returning service person and his or her family. Truly a win-win! =)

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