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Traveling to Sweden With Your Dog

April 17th, 2010 3 comments

Learn the legal requirements for taking your pet with you on a trip from the United States to Sweden.

Traveling to Sweden With Your Dog

International travel can be tricky when you want to take your pets along.  Traveling internationally with one’s pet requires some advance planning because different countries have different health and documentation requirements for animals entering from elsewhere. 

The United States is considered a country in which an effective rabies control system is in place.  This fact makes traveling to European Union member countries a bit easier because, as long as one has the appropriate documentation, the animal will not need to be quarantined before it is allowed to enter the country. 

This article addresses Sweden’s laws for pet immigration.

You Must Enter With Your Pet Through Stockholm or Gothenburg

In planning your trip to Sweden with your dog, it is important to note that animals from the United States and other “listed” non-EU countries may be brought into the country only through the airports Stockholm-Arlanda or Gothenburg-Landvetter. 

The Dog Must Have a Microchip or Tattoo

To enter Sweden, your dog must be identified by either a permanent tattoo or by a microchip of ISO standard 134.2 kHz.  The tattoo or microchip must be applied by a veterinarian and the identity number must be included in all the pet’s documentation, including the veterinary certificat or the pet passport.  Note that beginning in 2011, EU member countries will recognize only microchips for identifying animals traveling from overseas.

Most pets in the United States currently have a microchip with a radio-frequency of 125 kHz.  Therefore, if you plan to travel to Sweden or another EU member country, check with your veterinarian about having a microchip of ISO standard applied.

The Dog Must be Vaccinated Against Rabies and Tapeworm

In order to enter Sweden, your dog must have the basic vaccination against rabies.  The rabies vaccination must be given when the dog is at least three months old.  After the vaccination, the dog must be checked to ensure it has produced sufficient antibodies against rabies.

Additionally, the dog must be dewormed by a veterinarian against the tapeworm Echinococcus.  The deworming must be noted by the veterinarian on the veterinary certificate or pet passport.

You Must Obtain a Veterinary Certificate

Before you travel to Sweden with your dog, have your veterinarian complete a veterinary certificate stating the animal’s identity number, dates of vaccination, rabies antibody analysis and deworming.  Bring the veterinary certificate as well as the vaccination certificates and the blood test results with you when you travel to Sweden.

Forms for the veterinary certificate may be found on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.  If your dog is able to travel with you in the airplane, the veterinary certificate for pet animals should be used. 

However, if your pet is too large to ride on the plane with you, it may have to travel as cargo.  If the animal must travel as cargo without a person to accompany it, a veterinary certificate for trade animals must be used.  Those forms are also available on the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture.  Pets that are considered trade animals must be seen by a veterinarian no more than 24 hours prior to departure for Sweden in order to be permitted into the country. 

Animals that are considered trade animals must also be inspected by a veterinarian upon arrival with the inspection taking place at one of the border inspection posts.  Arrange for the inspection at least one business day prior to arrival.  The contact information for the border inspection posts is available on the Board of Agriculture website.

With a little advance planning, you will find that traveling with your dog to Sweden is not as daunting a prospect as it may seem.  The requirements are fairly simple for animals traveling into Sweden from the United States.  And once in Sweden, you will find it to be a very dog-friendly place to visit with your dog in tow.

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Does Your Dog Need a Pet Passport to Travel to Other Countries?

March 26th, 2010 2 comments

Traveling Internationally With Your Dog

If you are planning on traveling to another country with your dog, it is best to do some careful homework well prior to your planned trip.  Most countries have very specific rules concerning pet immigration.  Making advance arrangements and checking out the laws of the country of destination will help avoid problems when you try to take your pet abroad.

Create a Pet Passport for Your Dog Prior to Traveling Internationally

Create a Pet Passport So You Don't Have to Leave Your Dog Behind When You Travel

A pet passport is a set of all identifying and health-related documents the destination country requires for pets to enter the country.  Again, different countries have different requirements concerning what is demanded.  But travelers who do not have all their pet’s documentation in order may end up having their pet placed in quarantine upon arrival in the destination country.  

For members of the general public traveling outside the United States with pets, the U.S. Department of State recommends the following:

  • Contact the appropriate embassy in Washington to confirm the destination country’s entry requirements.  Some embassies will provide forms in English for your veteranarian to complete.  Note that some countries do not permit pets to enter at all and others mandate quarantine in all instances. 
  • Review the list of International Animal Export Regulations compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 
  • Check the destination country’s requirements to see how close to departure any required veterinary examination, vaccinations and tests must be scheduled. 
  • Arrange with your veterinarian to have the required vaccinations and certifications completed within the specified time period.

Pet Travel provides pet passport, immigration and quarantine information on more than 100 different countries and is an excellent resource for people wishing to take their dogs along when they see the world.

Additional Resources:  Visit Dog-Friendly Rotterdam in The Netherlands; Visit Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

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Visit Dog-Friendly Rotterdam in The Netherlands

December 1st, 2009 93 comments

Europe’s Main Port City Loves Dogs

Rotterdam is a lovely city located in the western part of The Netherlands.  The country’s second-largest city (after Amsterdam), Rotterdam boasts Europe’s busiest port.  A multicultural and exciting city, Rotterdam, like many European cities, is also very dog-friendly.

Dog-Friendly Parks and Gardens in Rotterdam

Dog-Friendly Parks and Gardens in Rotterdam

Het Park (or “The Park”) is a lush urban garden bordering the Nieuwe Maas.  It is located near the Maritime Quarter and the Park Quay.  Het Park is a public park, open year-round.  It is a perfect place to jog or walk with the dog, and many residents and visitors do just that.  Het Park is also the venue for many outdoor festivals throughout the year, including the incredible Zomercarnaval held each year at the end of July. 

Museumpark is a public sculpture garden surrounded by several museums, including the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Museum

Outdoor Art in Rotterdam

 Boijmans Van Beuningen, Chabot Museum, Kunsthal, Villa Sonneveld and Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam.  The park itself contains a number of quirky and interesting sculptures and makes for a pleasant summer stroll.  It is dog-friendly, but the museums are not.

Kralingse Wood is the largest public park in Rotterdam.  It surrounds Kralingse Lake, and is the perfect place for walking, jogging or skating with your pet.  Sailing on the lake offers views of the Rotterdam skyline.  Boats are for rent at the sailing center.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Rotterdam

There are several hotels in and around Rotterdam that allow dogs.  These include:

  • Bilderberg Parkhotel Rotterdam.  Called the “Grande Dame” of Rotterdam, the Bilderberg Parkhotel is located in the center of Rotterdam near Rotterdam Central Station.  They welcome pets.
  • Grand Hotel Central Rotterdam.  Built in 1917, the Grand Hotel Central Rotterdam is still family owned.  Rotterdam Central Station is accessible by foot.  The Grand Hotel Central Rotterdam is a smoke-free, pet-friendly hotel.
  • Campanile Rotterdam-Oost.  This small, cozy hotel boasts a “calm environment” and a location near the center of the city.  The hotel welcomes pets weighing less than 10 kg (approximately 22 pounds).

Taking Your Dog to the Netherlands

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C., has provided information on traveling to the Netherlands with one’s pet.   A veterinary certificate is required, containing all the documentation on the dog, including the record of vaccinations.

Additional Resource:  Visit Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

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Visit Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

November 23rd, 2009 No comments

Dogs are Welcome in Gothenburg, Sweden 

Beautiful Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

Beautiful Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

To say that Gothenburg, Sweden is a dog-friendly city is a bit of an understatement.  On a recent visit to this beautiful town on Sweden’s southwest coast, my husband and I were not surprised to see many residents walking their dogs throughout the city.  European cities tend to be more dog-friendly than many American cities.  But we were surprised to see a couple in a grocery store with their happy and well-behaved black Labrador Retriever.  And this was not a service dog.  He was a companion animal just accompanying his family on a routine chore.

Dog-Friendly Tourist Destinations in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is a wonderful summertime tourist destination.  The famous Botanical Gardens is a lush 430-acre park in the heart of the city.  There is no charge to enter the Gothenburg Botanical Gardens, and dogs are welcome so long as they are kept on a leash.

Another dog-friendly tourist destination is the old world fortress at Nya Alvsborgs Fastning.  Located approximately five miles from the city center, the fortress is accessible by boats departing from the Lilla Bommen marina several times a day from May through August.  Nya Alvsborgs Fastning features daily guided tours, sampling of local beers, old world crafts, and summer evening musical concerts.  Best of all, pets are permitted in most parts of the fortress.

One of the biggest tourist destinations in Gothenburg is the amusement park resort at Liseberg.  Featuring the biggest roller coaster in the Nordic countries, the park is open April through October each year.  Inside the park itself, only rescue and guide dogs are permitted.  However, vacation packages including accommodations are available, and some of the hotels and cottages are dog-friendly.  For example, dogs may stay in the Bohusbyn and Timmerbyn cottages with the payment of an extra charge.

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Gothenburg, Sweden

Speaking of dog-friendly accommodations, there are several to chose from in Gothenburg.  The following conveniently located hotels are all pet-friendly:

  • Comfort Hotel City Center.   This hotel is located near Casino Cosmopol.  Convenient to shopping and museums, the Comfort Hotel City Center is smoke-free and pet-friendly.
  • Quality Hotel 11.  Situated in a refurbished shipyard building in the heart of the Port of Gothenburg, the Quality Hotel 11 is located near the city center and is a smoke-free, pet-friendly accommodation.
  • Quality Hotel Panorama is located near Liseberg, the “largest amusement park in Scandinavia.”   It is pet-friendly and close to several museums and other attractions.

Sweden is a Member of the Pet Travel Scheme

Sweden, like most Eurpoean Union countries, is a member of the Pet Travel Scheme, which allows certain pets, including dogs, from countries belonging to the Scheme to enter the country without quarantine so long as they meet specified requirements.  The United States belongs to the Scheme as well.  Here is some additional information about Sweden’s requirements for obtaining a pet passport.

Additional Resource:  Visit Dog-Friendly Rotterdam in The Netherlands

Beautiful Dog-Friendly Gothenburg, Sweden

Leashed Dogs are Welcome in Gothenburg Botanical Gardens

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