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This Blog is NOT Legal Advice

Frankie the Law Dog is published by Florida Attorney Suzanne Bechard as my personal weblog.  It does not constitute legal advice, and the information contained herein shall not be construed as such.  All content provided by this blog is general in nature, and is to be used for informational purposes only.

By using this blog, you understand that you are not to draw any conclusions about what may be legally required or advisable for any specific legal problem.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

Neither the use of this blog, nor the transmission of information to or from me via this blog, is intended to create, and does not create, an attorney-client relationship.  Furthermore, this blog is not intended as an advertisement of legal services or a means of soliciting clients.  The blog is not intended as a communication with prospective clients for the purpose of obtaining professional employment, and shall not be construed as such.

If you require the services of an attorney, please contact The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service at 1-800-342-8011 or a lawyer referral service in your local area.

Not Responsible For Linked or Quoted Content

This site will occasionally link to or quote other resources on the Internet that I believe might be of interest to my readers.  By using this blog, you understand that I have no control over linked or quoted resources, and that I make no representation concerning the accuracy, currency, security or suitability for a particular purpose of any linked or quoted resource.  Moreover, the fact that I link to or quote a resource does not imply that I adopt the opinions expressed therein.

No Guarantees

I make every effort to keep this blog relevant, accurate and useful.  Nevertheless, no guarantees are made as to the completeness or currency of the information contained in this blog.  Synopses of  court decisions and statutes may be provided when relevant and the site is searchable by using keywords; however, you are advised not to rely on these as being up-to-date statements on the status of the law.

Reader Comments

Frankie the Law Dog opens its blog posts up to reader comments, and welcomes thoughtful, relevant and polite contributions and discussions.  The comments are solely the opinions of the readers posting them and are not endorsed or adopted by me.  While some effort will be made to monitor comments and delete those that are offensive or otherwise unacceptable, comments are not pre-approved.  Comments will not be deleted simply because I may disagree with someone’s point of view. 

Copyright Notice Concerning Original Content

All original content is copyrighted by Suzanne Bechard, or by the author, if written by another.

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